NEW CLIENT: Marco Túlio

New client

The Pro Manager Sports & Marketing has the pleasure to announce the striker Marco Túlio, from Atlético-MG as it’s new client. The player is a partnership with the company Sinteticboll Sports Agency, indicated by the friend and partner Flávio Alexandre, of F8 Agency.

Meet the new Pro Manager athlete

Marco Túlio Oliveira Lemos is a 19 years old guy from Belo Horizonte.  He played by the Atlético-MG youth team since 2011, as an under-13.

While he played for the youth team he was the champion of Copa do Brasil Under-17 and the Future Champions in 2014. In 2016 he conquered the Terborg Championship and in 2017 the Copa do Brasil Under-20, being the top scorer of the competition.

In 2017, during the Florida Cup, Marco Túlio got his debut in the professional team of Atlético-MG.

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